For Carriers

What does ETRUUX offer to carriers?

At ETRUUX, we understand that hassle-free loads, efficiency, safety, and compliance are vital for the success of a trucking company. That's why our ETRUUX FREIGHT BROKERAGE SOFTWARE is meticulously designed to address these crucial aspects. We prioritize the needs of carriers and their drivers.

We provide a dedicated 24-hour driver support concierge hot-line exclusively for drivers within our network. Whether you have inquiries about the load, require assistance in finding a fuel stop or coffee shop, or need any other support, we've got you covered. Our team is ready to provide the guidance and help you need, ensuring a smoother and more efficient experience on the road.

1) Resolving California State Bill AB5: ETRUUX presents the ultimate solution to California State Bill AB5, and our customers have recognized its value.

AB5, also known as the "gig worker bill," imposes restrictions on companies classifying workers as independent contractors instead of employees. This has caused significant disruptions for both small and large enterprises. Our solution provides the freedom and assurance to continue business operations as usual, alleviating concerns and uncertainties.

For more information about the bill, you can visit:

2) Rapid Sign-ups: 20 Owner Operators in the First Hour! Within just one hour of launching our website, we were delighted to have 20 owner operators sign up, securing their livelihoods, freedom, and profits.

The overwhelming response didn't surprise us, as we recognized the urgent need for such a solution. We take pride in offering this opportunity to owner operators, trucking companies, and individual drivers seeking employment. ETRUUX LLC has provided them with the reassurance to preserve what they already had, enabling them to continue with their lives at their desired pace.