For Shippers

What does ETRUUX offer to shippers?

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    Cost-effective solutions: Benefit from our extensive network of reputable and carefully vetted carriers, allowing ETRUUX to secure competitive rates and provide you with the best possible customer experience through our advanced technology.

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    Streamlined shipment monitoring: Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we electronically oversee your shipments, providing automated updates and notifications. However, if you prefer a real-time human interaction, our 24-hour customer support team is available to assist you.

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    Convenient access: Enjoy full access to our user-friendly web portal with no cost or subscription requirements. Additionally, for seamless integration, we offer an API for your convenience.

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    Transparent tracking: Experience complete end-to-end transparency with GPS tracking, empowering you to stay in control of your shipment's activities and progress.

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    Direct communication: Utilize our direct instant messaging feature to efficiently communicate with carriers and drivers, ensuring smooth coordination and quick responses.

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    Secure transportation: Rest assured knowing that the safety of your shipment is a priority. ETRUUX is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, providing you with peace of mind throughout the transportation process.

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    Truth in Transportation - The real Transparency!: We don't bargain rates with any carriers. We simply present your best rate to the shipper and let them make the decision. Creating transparency between you, your rate and the shipper is the key to our success. So when you are bidding for a lane please send us your best rates from the get-go!
    As a carrier, our business model enables you to meet your financial expectation every time when you move a load and you truly get to receive the rate that you wish you receive.
    This business model, will keep you happy end of the day as we as your broker are not marking up on your rate but getting exactly what you are looking for in order to keep you, your family and ours in business!

Why us?

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    We will find the right and the perfect type of truck and Trailer for your cargo.

  • B

    knowledge on effective routes.

  • C

    Knowledge in technology and tracking.

  • D

    Current market pricing and trends.

  • E

    Back up carriers so, Extensive vetting process on the carrier.

  • F

    Blanket insurance coverage on top of the carriers insurance.

  • G

    Safety check prior to loading.

  • H

    Real-rime GPS tacking on your load.